2019 Is Going To Be My Year!

Shriya Ganesh

It’s finally 2019!

So? New year, same shit. Right?


Not this year.

Year after year, I have been crafting my ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ with utmost conviction and things usually go well……till about the second week of January, when putting in that extra effort to go to the gym or holding yourself back from opening that packet of chips just doesn’t seem worth it. I’ve always wondered why the motivation with which I execute my goals at the start of the year just seems to vanish a week into it, and I think I might have found the answer. Upon revisiting my list of goals for 2018 (which, in all honesty, was also my list for 2017, 2016, 2015, and 2014), I noticed something I hadn’t noticed before – my tone wasn’t very inspiring. I wrote down my goals as though they were a list of chores that I had to complete rather than a set of targets that I genuinely wanted to achieve.

So, this year, I decided to modify that a little.

Here is my new and improved set of resolutions for 2019:

1. Get Healthy

Previously was: lose weight

The words ‘lose weight’ have been popularised by mainstream media SO much that it is painful to my ears. I’m tired of being told to ‘lose weight’ by the people around me because it is insulting and discouraging in every way possible. The lengths to which people go to lose a few extra pounds and gain the approval of society are insane and it takes a toll on their health, as was the case with me. I went from being perfectly healthy to perpetually weak and tired, just because I felt the need to ‘lose weight’ regardless of what side effects it had if not done right.
That’s why this year, I’m choosing to get healthy and improve my overall state of being. I don’t want to eat less, I want to eat RIGHT. I want to workout because it makes me feel good, not because it’s something society imposed on me. Overall, I just want to feel healthy, energetic, and happy.

2. Work Harder At University

Previously was: Study

Another de-motivating two-syllabled goal: study. All it implied was that I wasn’t studying at all and that I needed to hit the books as soon as possible if I wanted to make my future. I didn’t need to ‘study’, I just needed to study a little harder – do some extra reading, make some legible notes, take the time to read through those notes, which is what I plan to do in 2019 instead. Hopefully, I can take this goal seriously, be a little persistent, and see a change in my grades.

3. Love And Accept Myself

Previously was: n/a

It was only in the previous year that I understood the importance of being happy with oneself. All these years, I’ve been pointing out my flaws rather than my virtues, which led me to believe that I was defined by my flaws. Growing up, certain toxic people in my life made me feel like I wasn’t worth anything simply because I was plump and dusky. Sure, I may not be slim and Snow White but my appearance doesn’t define me and I’m damn proud of the person that I am today. That is the energy I want to carry all throughout the year to be able accept myself in all entirety.

That concludes my list of resolutions for 2019. I feel fairly confident in my ability to achieve these goals. Hopefully all of you out there who are struggling to achieve your resolutions as well can overcome that struggle and succeed so that we can all have a new list of goals to achieve in 2020!

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